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Connecting tech talent to opportunities in Africa & Europe

We are a network of international-minded techies with a desire to work as an expat.

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Post an opportunity on the platform, or browse through our network to find your perfect match.

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Schedule an interview

Once a potential match is found, book an interview and take the candidate through your internal interview process.

Hire the talent

Hire the candidates that successfully completed your interview process. We'll take it from there.

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We provide fast track visa support, housing and relocation assistance to our talents

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Here's what they they have to say

Working at Telenor has been a great experience especially the teams, working environment and the way of working. I work within the FMC tribe and it's a great environment to work and learn.

My experience so far has been good. I get to learn in a conducive environment and it's generally nice.

My colleagues are very supportive. The tech scene in Stockholm is very welcoming. I've been to a few tech events around the city, and the people there have been very helpful and nice.